Kalden Ross

All round internet dumb-ass. Think of someone really dumb, multiply that dummy by 100 = Kalden Ross. Yep. He's that stupid. And some.

FB - Kalden Ross

Twitter - उर्मी दामले @TerrorSecurity1

Twitter - Kalden Ross @K3ld0



Kalden controls a couple of websites which he advertises on his facebook profile and in groups he has joined.

It would be a mistake to visit these websites because Kalden may be able to find your IP address via the website visitor logs and from there he may (if he is lucky and you are not) be able work out your approximate location. If he knows your real name, he may have enough information to narrow your home address down to just a few possibilties. And if he can do that, then you can be sure he will eventually find out who you are and he will be able to attack you via your workplace, friends, neighbours etc. You really don't want this sort of hassle. The two website addresses are shown below. Once again - do not enter these sites without knowing for sure that your real IP address is hidden via something like Tor or a secure VPN.


Clearly Kalden thinks of himself as some sort of hacker. And he is some sort of something, that's for sure. But if he is a hacker, the evidence suggests that Kalden is probably the worst hacker in the world - ever.


If you can see this, then you should be able to work out what went wrong for Kalden...


Our only warning, eh? That sounds ominous.


Oh, no! Not a brute force attack! We're doomed!

... many weeks pass...

And we're still here.

It turns out Kalden was using a pussy force attack against us. Meeeeeow!

So who is Kalden Ross?

There seems to be some debate about this. Some suggest he is a 13-year old living with his Mum in Canada. We think this might be half right. Yes, he behaves like a child, but we think he might be a little older than 13. But we tend to agree with those who suggest he is an unemployed (unemployable?) space cadet still living with his Mum well past the age when most adults have moved out to make a life of their own. The name 'Kalden Ross' is fake, of course. No self-respecting 'hacker' would use their real name!

Kalden seems to think we might suggest that this is what he looks like.


We're saying nothing at this point. The pic says it all. Dat paint tho...


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