Andy Armstrong

Some sort of scientist, apparently. Seems to like misogyny, racism and trolls. Real name Andrew Armstrong.

From Newcastle we are told.

Andy and Brian

We laughed. A lot. Science your way out of this one, Andy.

FB - Andy Armstrong

FB - Midje Support

Twitter - Andy Armstrong @BeardPhysicist

LinkedIn - Andy Armstrong (mal-aware)





You mean this one?

Plumper Andy

Plump rather than fat, we would say.


Here are some of the many images we have of him with his troll mates on Facebook...

Here's an image of Andy posting to convicted stalker Nicky Wright in a troll group...



Well, we did think about it. And we think you just thought you wouldn't get found out.


Andrew has a nasty attitude to women

Really, Andy? That's one hell of an attitude to women you have there. It's truly horrible.

Here's another image of Andy posting to convicted stalker Nicky Wright in a troll group.




You can find out more about troll cop Lee Rimell here.



Andrew Armstrong and Mal-aware

"I teach them just enough to make sure I still have some fun online..."

Those interested in paying Andrew Armstrong (via his service "Mal-Aware") to teach kids 'just enough' so he can 'still have some fun online' should apply here -


Don't all rush at once!!!

Sympathetic... Caring...

Just two words we wouldn't use to describe Andrew Armstrong.



Wait - What?

Andrew Armstrong physics teacher

Andrew Armstrong is a Physics Teacher?? Teaching at East Durham College? Well, we didn't see that coming!

Andrew Armstrong teacher East Durham College

So what else have we found?

Well, we wanted to have a look at 'Midje' - it's a name that comes up a few times in Andy's Facebook and Twitter accounts. So what is 'Midje'..?

Here is an image of a Midje Twitter account. We've censored the header image, which contravenes Twitter rules about adult content in header images. It doesn't take much imagination to work out what the full image depicts...


Quelle surprise! And here is Andy, sitting in the members list. Here's a link to the page: MiDJE @MiDJE_tweets


And here's one of the images we found inside the group.

More unpleasant images

And once again with the misogyny. This really isn't very nice. Quite nasty and unpleasant.

We reported the Twitter account as adult content.


And here's an image of the Midje Twitter group just a few hours after we found it. Minus one member. Guess who???


We also found a Facebook Midje group...



Yep - Andy is there again. Admin now, though!

Andy Admin

Here's a another selection of images from a Facebook group...

This first one shows Andy getting a ban for something he posted.

Racist Andy Armstrong


Still, it might have been a mistake. Surely he would not make a habit of posting racist comments onto Facebook?

More racism

and even more


Our mistake. It seems he does.

Here's another picture of Andy showing an interaction between him and a female user of Facebook.


creepy andrew armstrong

There isn't much we can say about this. Although 'sinister' comes to mind, as does 'creepy'.

You know - I'm not sure I would want this guy anywhere near my kids.


You did. But not any more.

Update: 14.10.18

It seems that Andrew is busy removing all the incriminating evidence - profiles, posts etc. Too late, we would suggest. Hopefully his service "Mal-Aware" does a better job of advising his young clients. But we doubt it - he apparently thinks 'logging off' fixes everything....


dead profiles...

Twitter - Batmam @MiDJEBatmam

Twitter - Batmam @theBatmam

FB WaddaMadder - Andy Armstrong

FB TheBatmamOfMiDJE - Andy Armstrong

FB TheBeardedPhysicist - Andy Armstrong

Twitter - Batmam @BatmamOfMiDJE

FB AndyThePhysicist - Andy Armstrong

FB andyarmstrong609 - Andy Armstrong

FB TheBatmam - Andy Armstrong

FB Batmam.Reborn - Andy Armstrong

FB Andy.via.midje - Andy Armstrong

FB AndyPhysicist - Andy Armstrong

To be updated...


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