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This guy has a scary-looking profile pic...


*makes ghost noise* Whooooooaaah!


But then you take a closer look and you see this behind it...


Apparently his face is only capable of the one expression...


You are looking at it now.


This, we think, explains the scary profile pic.


Script-kiddie Trent is a US-based cod philosopher and doggerel-monger. Real name Clinton Harris.

Grow up, Clinton.

And get a job.

Oh, we almost forgot... Why is Clinton here? Well, mostly for this...


He has an email address: and a telephone number 2147907005 too...

The site has nothing to do with 'security' and everything to do with helping trolls create fake IDs. The site looks professional, but it's all 'off-the-shelf' HTML - most 13 years olds can make a website like this in a few minutes. But to be fair, Clinton does seem to know his way around Photoshop.

As with all trolls, if you are going to contact Clinton we would advise never giving your real email address, or phoning from your everyday phone - he'll just sign you up for porn and pizza or something.


We saw this just the other day...


This might be a good reason to think carefully before handing over your money.

This made us laugh...

YouTube - Call to Facebook Headquarters


Here's an idea you might not have thought of Clinton. Stop being a dick. And take some responsibility for your actions. You might find life gets a whole lot better for you.


Update 15/06/17

Trouble in paradise! It seems that US-based cyber-redneck Jason Kruez has turned against Clint and is busying himself by attacking the bearded nonentity in troll groups. That's what happens when you snuggle up to low-lifes and meth-heads, Clint.

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