Nicky Wright

Nicky Wright

40 year old Nicky Wright, last known address Waters Road, Lewisham uses a variety of different names including Walmart/vvalmart Singh, Dagmart Singh, Paci Singh and others. However, having a number of fake names is as far as Nicky's creativity goes. Like his mate Jamie Card, Wright likes to attack women, the disabled and ethnic minorities on-line.

Recently released from prison for stalking a disabled woman. Many of his social media profiles and comments attacking others remain accessible.

Wright likes to keep plenty of social media accounts open for stalking...

Nicky Wright Twitter profiles

Twitter - Dagmart Singh @dagmart_singh

Twitter - Slagmart Singh @slagmart

Twitter - VValmart Singh @singh_vvalmart


Twitter - Not Nookz

Twitter - Twatter Polis

Twitter - Kate Black

Twitter - Dagmart Singh


Twitter - I am Arthur Fleck

Twitter - Dagmart Singh

Twitter - Djello

Twitter - Mikey Pikey

Twitter - Nookzy Wonker

Twitter - Nookz

Twitter - VValmart Singh

Twitter - Dagmart Singh

Twitter - Nookz

Twitter - Chickenchaser

Nicky Wright Facebook profiles

FB - Cris Chudlee (Nicky Wright alt)

FB - Nicky Wright

FB - Nicky Wright

Nicky Wright Facebook pages and groups...

CAPPS OR GTFO!!! 12/02/17

the face you make when... 18/01/17

Anonynookz UKunt 08/10/16

Anonymous UK ALT

Anon uk Alt (Mikeys crack and wank addiction)

Alllivesmatter Except MONGz So BLOCK THEM 15/12/16

Nicky Wright YouTube pages and groups...

YouTube - the Singhs 28/01/17

YouTube - the LAWL!!! 18/09/16

YouTube - Just Nooks 03/06/16

YouTube - Log Off 17/01/17

All of these accounts are full of the harassment and abuse we have come to expect from Nicky Wright.

Discontinued/suspended Twitter/Facebook/YouTube accounts are at the bottom of the Nicky Wright Archive page (a link can be found at the bottom of this page). There are many - Nicky spends all his spare time attacking others on social media sites.

Update: 31 July 2020

Nicky has found more people to harass and victimise. Here he is posting edited Twitter posts which make others look bad and pretending he isn’t convicted stalker Nicky Wright.


Here's some evidence that Twitter posts can be edited to attack others...


Same victim - now the stalking starts. He can't help himself. He clearly learnt nothing in jail.


Update: 20 March 2020

More nastiness from the stalker with yet another new stalking profile...


Update: 01 April 2020

April Fool!!!!!


Update: 16 January 2020

Tweets protected. Probably, someone has been reporting his abuse and he got a slapped wrist from Twitter for it. I wonder who would do that?


Update: 08 December 2019


Nicky accuses a grieving man of attention-seeking, organises a 'disabled children's ball', and becomes a grief counsellor using trolling as therapy to help people cheer up.

Yeah... Really.

Then he caps it all by complaining that he is the victim when other Twitter users call him out on his disgusting behaviour!


Update: 12 November 2019

Today Nicky confuses 'sticking up for women and children' with 'being found guilty of stalking in Crown Court and going to prison for it'.


Twitter agrees with us that Nicky is a racist, it appears.


Update: 11 November 2019


'Stalker' isn't an orientation, Nicky.

Nor is 'Stupid'.

Update: 02 November 2019

What is it about Jews that makes this guy hate them so much?


Update: 01 November 2019

Nicky confuses "being in jail for stalking a disabled woman" with "being ill".

NW_0112019w.png -

Update: 16 October 2019

More racism from Nicky Wright -


Update: 02 October 2019

Racist Nicky Wright "Dagmart Singh" twitter account name changed to "I am Arthur Fleck" @NotNookzy. Stalking behaviour, racism and trolling continue.


"It is my one of my wifes she coming to england to beg for the free money"

Update: 30 September 2019

Racist Nicky Wright "Djello" twitter account name changed to "Dagmart Singh".

Update: 23 September 2019

New virulently racist Wright Twitter account set up. What a scum bag.


Update: 21 September 2019

Wonker account deleted by Twitter. Abusive stalking and threats are not welcome on social media.

Update: 19 September 2019

Nicky tells anyone who is interested that he has had shut down.

Twitter false claim

He celebrates by going on an abuse rampage on Twitter.


This last image shows Nicky making a threat against someone by showing them that he knows their daughter's Facebook account address. This is pretty typical of this stalker's behaviour. It's a bit creepy and more than a little bit scary that he hasn't learned anything from his recent stay in prison.


Stupid troll is stupid. We're still here reporting on his abusiveness. And report, we did - 36 seperate posts reported as abusive. It's suddenly gone quiet over there...

Update: 16 February 2019

Arrested. Again. Everyone saw this coming - apart from Nicky, who lives in a bubble of stupidity.

Update: 09 February 2019

Police probe after online troll who stalked disabled woman freed from jail early (Express and Star)

Police are investigating allegations an internet troll, who hounded a disabled woman for more than a year, has breached his restraining order after being let out of jail early.

Nicky Wright never met online abuse campaigner Nicola Brookes but stalked her on an almost daily basis online between June 2016 and September 2017, mocking the fact she had Crohn’s disease, making sexually offensive remarks and even publishing her address.

He was jailed in August last year after being convicted in his absence of stalking at Brighton Magistrates’ Court.

District Judge Amanda Kelly described his offending as “about as serious as it can get” and branded him a “cowardly predator” who hid behind the anonymity of the internet to wage a “sinister and deeply personal campaign”.

She handed him a restraining order prohibiting him or anyone on his behalf from contacting Ms Brookes by any means or referring to her in any way online.

Wright was due to be released in October on licence after serving half his 24-week sentence in custody.

We find ourselves unsurprised by this. Ever since leaving jail, Wright has carried on as usual on the social media sites. Ideally, he will be made to finish his sentence as he should have done in the first place.

Update: September 2018

Some things never change. Here's Nicky Wright celebrating the end of his holiday at Her Majesty's pleasure by attacking someone on Facebook

FB - jailed.png
FB - Cris Chudlee.png

Released early - on the 14th September apparently and attacking others on social media just a few hours later. Lovely.

Update: 06/08/2018

FB - busted.png

REVEALED: The sickening Facebook images a troll posted of woman whose life he 'destroyed' (The Argus)

NICKY Wright was devoid of remorse as he was told he was going to prison for stalking Nicola Brookes.

The 39-year-old troll blocked out what was being said as Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard on Wednesday the harrowing impact he had on Ms Brookes.

Adrian Dagger, defending, said he could no longer represent Wright as he had been “professionally embarrassed”.


Conviction over online stalking of a Brighton victim (CPS)

FB - jailed.png
FB - jailed.png

Update 10/03/18

more wright abuse

Two days later...

more wright abuse

Ooops! That didn't last long.

A week later...

more wright abuse

Definitely not a feminist. More like a misogynistic scumbag.

Update 25/02/18

more wright abuse

"I am not accountable for what Dagmart does."

I think you'll find you are, Nicky.

Update 10/02/18

We have no idea what this is about.


But rest assured Nicky, the very second you start with your abuse and harassment, we'll be there to document it.

Update 03/09/17

The delusional Nicky Wright complaining about having to make another visit to the police.

Nicky Wright tweet abuse NW_T_030917.png.

This is likely to happen when you spend your days harassing others on social media, Nicky.

Update 21/08/17

Wright posting to a website advertising the new series of 'CELEB TROLLS: WE'RE COMING TO GET YOU'

Nicky Wright tweet abuse.

Here's an image of cowardly Jamie Card tagging Nicky to alert him that there is some trolling to do. Why risk trouble yourself when you can get an idiot to do it for you, eh, Jamie?

Nicky Wright tweet abuse.

Update 06/08/17

Twitter finally acted on Wright's abusive and threatening tweets.

Nicky Wright tweet abuse.

It's a shame that they took almost 2 weeks to delete this account and have failed to delete the second account Wright uses to abuse and attack other Twitter users. We will continue to report the abuse.

Nicky Wright tweet abuse.

Wright is very pleased with his abuse of others. Everyone has some level of skill at something - losing accounts over and over again shows Wright's uncanny ability to resist learning. Way to go, champ!

Update 26/07/17

Wright has been pestering people on Twitter for days now using two profiles. We have reported his profiles and the individual posts - somewhere around 35 - 45 tweets in the past five days. But his profiles are now out of restriction and are still up. A third Wright profile is currently up, but inactive.

Nicky Wright tweet abuse.

Nicky Wright tweet abuse.

Wright's accusation that another Twitter user is antisemitic shows a peculiar lack of self-awareness. Wright is known to have made a disgusting joke about the Jews and the holocaust on Facebook just last year...

Nicky Wright antisemitic comment.

Update 17/07/17

Is he still at it?

Nicky Wright twitter restricted

Yep. He is.

One of his twitter accounts is on restriction due to him continuing to harass others.

Update 17/01/17

This is an image of Nicky posting profile links to an entire family into a troll page in order to cause distress to one of his victims. He promises more to come.

Nicky Wright

In this case, the 'victim' is another troll with a history of attacking others on Facebook. But the people Nicky has posted have done nothing wrong. Presumably, Nicky thinks that having a troll as a relative makes that person a legitimate target for harassment?

Our advice? Walk away from him. Don't even let him know you are here. Block him. He'll turn on you and attack your family if he gets the chance. 'Scum' is the word we would use.

Update 13/01/17

Just in case you think he is done...

Nicky Wright

... he isn't. He's been attacking people every day on Facebook, Twitter and on YouTube. This appears to be his life.


Racism? Yes, we think so. He can't help himself.

Nicky Wright


Nicky attacking yet another woman on Facebook. What is it about trolls and misogyny? They all seem to have the same problem with women.

This series of pictures show that Nicky Wright is quite willing to attack others outside of Facebook - in this case making a false statement in support of a petition he has set up.

Nicky Wright
Nicky Wright
Nicky Wright

On this occasion the petition site responded correctly to Nicky Wright's defamation and harassment

Nicky Wright

Nicky Wright Archive

It's finally happened. Nicky Wright's continual abuse and harassment of other social media users has out-grown this page, so we have needed to create an archive page. To protect your data allowance, the archive should be viewed via wi-fi, not your mobile network.


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