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Ordered by first name. Profiles in large text are real names.

This is not a full list of troll profiles, but only a sub-set of Jamie Card's followers and groupies not mentioned on the home page. Continually updated as information is acquired.

Ali Campbell

Alison Hunt

Andrew Erickson

Andrew Richards

Angie Brecheen

Angie Brownell

Andrew 'Andy' Armstrong

Arlene Hill

Bob Carpenter

Carrie McCarthy

Cheryl Gardiner


Chris Macdonald

Clair Voyant

Clinton Harris

Daniel Newlan

David Donaldson

David Manning

David York

Drew Erickson

Du Marie Mararine


Graham Jagger

Jackie Lambert

James Tishler

Jason B

Jason Kreuz

Joanne Davis

Joey Young

Joshua Bruce

Julie Bream

Kalden Ross

Karen Hartsfield

Katie Angus

Leanne Jones

Lee Graham Potter

Lilly Bass

Lissa Jones

Lizzy Vrielink

Louise Smith

Michael Gallagher

Nasir Khan

Nikki Healy

Nicola Thorpe

Paul Molloy

Penny Parsley


Randle Cook


Ronnie Carter

Russell Cameron

Ryan Alan Marples

Sean Williams


Suzie Que

Tommy Byrne

Trent Kable

Victoria Evans


Yu Fei

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