Jason Kreuz

US-based troll who joins groups to attack other Facebook users. Admins troll attack pages. Uses a variety of different first names. Believed to live in Forest, Mississippi. Links to current accounts below...

Updated 27/07/17

FB - Jamie Leboeuf

FB - Meg Kelly

FB - Heather Brown

FB - Darla Giglio

FB - Brii Garvin

FB - Rose Swan

FB - Vinnie O'Brien

FB - Ricky Grimes

FB - Jason Kruez

FB - Shane Becker

FB - Drew Garcia

FB - Welcome to the internet, my name is Kreuz etc.

FB - Kr3uzdidit

Twitter - KreuzDidIt

Twitter - Jason




If you can see this, then you should be able to work out what is wrong with this image...


Jason Kreuz not only looks stupid... He clearly also has the room-temperature IQ that goes with his dumb face.


We'll help you figure it out, Jason. The reason the site looks down to you is because the server has automatically and temporarily blocked you, because you are spamming the site with dummy requests. Duh!


Kruez dead...

FB - Nick Kreuz

FB - Jason Pettit

FB - Mike Lowry

FB - Bane Becker

FB - Jason Kruez

FB - Jason Kruez

FB - Arthur Simpson-Kent

FB - Jason Kruez


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