Facebook security breach: Up to 50m accounts attacked (BBC)

The company said attackers were able to exploit a vulnerability in a feature known as “View As” to gain control of people's accounts.

The breach was discovered on Tuesday, Facebook said, and it has informed police.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said on a conference call on Friday that the firm took security seriously, in the face of what he said were constant attacks by bad actors.

But Jeff Pollard, vice-president and principal analyst at Forrester, said the fact Facebook held so much data meant it should be prepared for such attacks.

This will keep on happening and one day someone will get badly hurt by Facebook's carelessness with our data.


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Despite legal threat, new anti-Facebook site launches to claim tech giant is ‘killing the internet’ (RT)

A new anti-Facebook blog, giving small and mid-sized publishers a place to vent their frustrations over the tech giant's censorship policies and algorithms hiding their content, has gone live despite legal threats.

FacebookZoo, hosted on niche publishing platform Maven, went live on Tuesday. It aims to give disgruntled publishers an avenue to criticize the company's censorship policy, as well as outline how its "ever-changing algorithms" have drastically affected their livelihoods in favor of shareholder profit.

The blog has already survived an attempt by Facebook's legal team to shut it down. The attempt failed to go anywhere as Maven had the foresight to trademark 'FacebookZoo' while it was in beta mode, according to the New York Post.

We welcome any site that shows the real truth of Facebook. You can find out more here, at   Facebook Zoo.



  Facebook warned over ‘appalling’ child abuse (The Times)

Denis Naughten has told Facebook that he was appalled and embarrassed by an undercover report on the social media giant because he had publicly defended it on several occasions.

Minutes of a meeting between the communications minister and officials from Facebook, obtained under freedom of information legislation, show that he demanded Facebook make a “significant step change”.

The exchange took place in New York days after a Channel 4 Dispatches report on how Facebook moderates harmful and illegal content.

Facebook is broken. And a safe place for peadophiles to play.


FB - leave.png

  REVEALED: The sickening Facebook images a troll posted of woman whose life he 'destroyed' (The Argos)

NICKY Wright was devoid of remorse as he was told he was going to prison for stalking Nicola Brookes.

The 39-year-old troll blocked out what was being said as Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard on Wednesday the harrowing impact he had on Ms Brookes.

Adrian Dagger, defending, said he could no longer represent Wright as he had been “professionally embarrassed”.

It's about time this one was stopped.


  Conviction over online stalking of a Brighton victim (CPS)


FB - leave.png


In the early days, I loved Facebook. I loved being able to keep tabs on hundreds of college classmates all at once, of being able to tag all my dorm mates in the photos we took on our garbage 7 megapixel cameras, of creeping on crushes, of keeping up with every person I met at a party or in a classroom without doing very much work. I was terribly awkward and a little lazy and as a result, I never developed the skills that my parents’ generation cultivated in order to maintain their social networks.

Of the twelve years since I created a Facebook account, I only spent one year truly off the platform. And during that year, I think I glimpsed what Facebook is, and what hold it has on us. For years, deriding the fripperies of social media has practically become a national pastime, an easy piece of snobbery. In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a frequently heard response would be, “Well, why not quit?” or “Don’t give your data to tech companies.”

Our advice? Leave as fast as you can, before it's too late.



We have two stories here from the black heart of Facebook...

Facebook secretly snared billions

  Facebook's first president Sean Parker says app has secretly snared billions of people into using it (The Independent)

“Facebook has got the world hooked and might be using that to damage people's lives, according to its first president.

Sean Parker, whose role in the site was dramatised in the film The Social Network, has revealed the various secret ways that the site has managed to make people use it. The man who helped create Facebook is so terrified that he feels he needs to sound the alarm about the tricks it uses to keep people engaged – and the damage that is doing to society – he has suggested.

The site has developed special ways of ensuring that people give their personal life over to it without even knowing it, he told Axios. He said that some people might try and resist the pull of the site – but that it had special tricks to hook people in and ensure they stayed.”

Facebook is ‘destroying’ society

  Facebook is ‘destroying’ society and making users feel ‘vacant and empty’, former exec says (The Independent)

'I think in the deep, deep recesses of our minds we kind of knew something bad could happen...'

“A former Facebook executive has spoken out against the site, saying it is “destroying how society works”.

Chamath Palihapitiya, who was the company’s vice president of user growth from 2007 to 2011, says he feels “tremendous guilt” about Facebook, and has banned his children from using it.

His criticisms echo similar comments made by Facebook's first president, who says the site has developed special ways of ensuring users give their personal life over to it without even realising.”

A Facebook spokesman said: "“Chamath has not been at Facebook for over 6 years. When Chamath was at Facebook we were focused on building new social media experiences and growing Facebook around the world. Facebook was a very different company back then, and as we have grown, we have realised how our responsibilities have grown too.

In our opinion Facebook has got less and less able to live up to those responsibilities.

There is something rotten in the state of Facebook. Our money is on it being Mark Zuckerberg.


Facebook messenger kids

  Parents of 13-year-old schoolgirl who hanged herself get bullied online over her death (The Independent)

“They told me I was ugly today,” Rosalie had written at one point. “They were making fun about my teeth.”

As they struggled to copy with the grief, the pair were targeted by bullies on social media, who mocked the death of their daughter.

They were sent a picture with a photo of Rosalie superimposed onto a body. She was giving a thumbs down next to a bed.

A message next to it read: “Hey mom. Next time don’t tuck me in this.”

Underneath was another image with their daughter’s head superimposed onto a body with its arms and hands pointing towards a freshly dug grave.

The text next to it read: ”Tuck me in THIS.”

Some people are sicker than they seem. You could be working with one of these trolls. One could be your son or daughter, or your husband even. And you may not know until the police come to arrest them.


Facebook messenger kids

  Facebook messenger kids (The Independent)

“Messenger Kids is full of features for kids to connect with the people they love. Once their account is set up by a parent, kids can start a one-on-one or group video chat with parent-approved contacts," a Facebook announcement read. "The home screen shows them at a glance who they are approved to talk to, and when those contacts are online.”

Facebook is creepy.


Who Will Take Responsibility for Facebook?

  Who Will Take Responsibility for Facebook? (Wired)

"Over the past two and a half years, Facebook’s integrity as a place that “helps you connect and share with the people in your life” has been all but laid to waste — as it has served as a clearinghouse for propaganda, disinformation, fake news, and fraud accounts. More serious still: Facebook may not just have been vulnerable to information warfare; it may have been complicit."

“For the ways my work was used to divide people rather than bring us together, I ask forgiveness and I will work to do better.”

Maybe you need to fix your broken platform before asking for forgiveness?


Facebook’s Frankenstein moment

  Facebook’s Frankenstein moment

"Facebook was simply not built to handle problems of this magnitude. It's a technology company, not an intelligence agency or an international diplomatic corps. Its engineers are in the business of building apps and selling advertising, not determining what constitutes hate speech in Myanmar. And with two billion users, including 1.3 billion who use it every day, moving ever greater amounts of their social and political activity onto Facebook, it's possible that the company is simply too big to understand all of the harmful ways people might use its products."

We have been saying this for years. Facebook has no idea what it is doing.


Rhodri Colwyn Philipps abandons appeal over Gina Miller post

  Rhodri Colwyn Philipps abandons appeal over Gina Miller post

We hope you enjoy your well-deserved time in jail, scumbag.


Facebook users being targeted by criminals sending messages through friends' accounts

  Facebook users being targeted by criminals sending messages through friends' accounts

This isn't new news. Facebook makes it simple to create and run fake profiles which persist even when reported for breaking Facebook's own terms of use. Why? Because Facebook moderation is next to useless, that's why.

21/08/2017 to treat online abuse as seriously as IRL hate crime to treat online abuse as seriously as IRL hate crime

"When an ever greater amount of our time is spent online, it is only right that we do everything possible to ensure that people are protected from abuse that can now follow them everywhere via the screen of their smartphone or tablet," she said. "Whether shouted in their face on the street, daubed on a wall or tweeted into their living room, hateful abuse can have a devastating impact on victims."

It's about time. Card and his gang have got away with hate crime for too long. Here's hoping for action against them.


Facebook knows what you're doing on your phone even when you're not using Facebook

  Facebook knows what you're doing on your phone even when you're not using Facebook

Facebook is creepy. You may not be safe from Facebook's snooping even if you are using a VPN.


Facebook traps people in a 'cycle of failure' that makes them keep using it, research suggests

Facebook is also trapped in 'cycle of failure'. It keeps on failing to deal with trolls.


Why you should never share your pictures with strangers

In 2016 the BBC reported that identity fraud in the UK had increased 57 per cent, in part because of the availability of images and personal information on social media.


Facebook is worried about users sharing less – but it only has itself to blame

Well, here's another theory for you to mull over, Facebook. Maybe people aren't sharing personal information because they know that your site is infested with trolls who will use the information to attack them. I haven't shared anything personal with Facebook for years now. Given my experience of your site, I doubt I ever will.


You can't say "libido", but you can say “To snap a bitch’s neck, make sure to apply all your pressure to the middle of her throat”.

Facebook banned a menopause support advert because it had the word "libido" in it...

Revealed: Facebook's internal rulebook on sex, terrorism and violence

Facebook moderation is a not-particularly-funny joke.


Abuse of women MPs is not just a scandal – it’s a threat to democracy

"With so many people subject to online abuse, many are choosing to withdraw themselves from social media. In fact, a campaigner I recently interviewed about the online abuse she received was advised by the police to shut down her social media accounts."

"But advising a woman to remove her online presence if she doesn’t want to be abused is akin to telling a woman that she needs to behave a certain way if she doesn’t want to be raped."

advising a woman to remove her online presence if she doesn’t want to be abused is akin to telling a woman that she needs to behave a certain way if she doesn’t want to be raped.

"Rather than engaging in victim blaming, we should be tackling the behaviour of abusers. We need to be sending stronger messages to individuals that online abuse will not be tolerated. A full, in-depth inquiry is needed to establish if social media companies need to take more responsibly for what is posted on their platforms; or, if in fact, we need more specific legislation to govern social media. The likelihood is that we are now at a point where the law itself needs changing."


Facebook is taking a stance against terror, crimes, bullying and trolling


"Social media giant Facebook is making plans to improve members' security and improve the reporting system that is currently being used. Facebook was developed in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg while he was still attending college. Since its launch, it is estimated that there 1.94 billion monthly users on FB to date and that number continues to grow. With that growth, many issues have occurred among users with security and safety and it has been a concern."

"In recent years there have been reports of crimes, such as murders, growing hate, religious extremists, suicides, cyber bullying, harassment and trolling. In the wake of all this Facebook has decided to hire an additional 3,000 people to monitor Facebook's live stream, bringing the current numbers of employees to 7,500."

We'll believe it when we see troll profiles getting deleted and the incidents of harassment and bullying going down. It's fair to say we're sceptical. Facebook is infested with trolls and has been for a long time.


Revealed: Facebook exposed identities of moderators to suspected terrorists (The Guardian)


"Of the 1,000 affected workers, around 40 worked in a counter-terrorism unit based at Facebook’s European headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. Six of those were assessed to be “high priority” victims of the mistake after Facebook concluded their personal profiles were likely viewed by potential terrorists."

"The Guardian spoke to one of the six, who did not wish to be named out of concern for his and his family’s safety. The Iraqi-born Irish citizen, who is in his early twenties, fled Ireland and went into hiding after discovering that seven individuals associated with a suspected terrorist group he banned from Facebook – an Egypt-based group that backed Hamas and, he said, had members who were Islamic State sympathizers – had viewed his personal profile."

Of course we know that Facebook is full of amateurs posing as technology specialists, but even we are amazed by this one. Why on earth is Facebook making their moderation team use their own personal profiles for work? It's utter stupidity. Surely given the work they are doing, these people are worthy of the use of unidentifiable fake work profiles to given them cover should this sort of event happen? Facebook seems to suck just a little more every day.


Facebook’s content moderation rules dubbed ‘alarming’ by child safety charity (


Facebook fails over and over again. It's time to start hitting them with fines. Money is all that Zuckerberg understands.


Sick trolls post fake pictures of Manchester terrorist attack victims minutes after suicide bombing kills 22


WTF is wrong with these people???






FB - Katie Angus

FB - Katie Angus

FB - Katie Angus

Remembering Manchester

Unusually, Facebook decided to act on this one...



And the same idiots are back with another public page just a few hours later...

Remembering Manchester we will continue to mourn.

Facebook has no idea how to stop fake profiles doing this sort of stuff because, well, as we keep saying - they are useless, really...



But the answer is very simple Facebook - you need proper moderation, carried out by people who understand the nuances of the language being used and with the power to delete the fakes. Robots and second-language users ain't gonna cut it at all. Put some money into it, FFS!!!

And again...

Remembering Manchester we will continue to mourn.

NI man arrested over Facebook post on Manchester attack

Here's hoping the courts deal with him very harshly..


Facebook Involved In 32% Of Cyber-Bullying Cases In UK


LONDON: Facebook was used in 32.5 per cent of cyber-bullying cases, including revenge porn and harassment, in Britain last year, prompting fears that the social media platform may be providing a safe haven for those who harass others, the media reported.

There was also evidence of sexual abuse, disclosure of revenge porn, aimed at blackmailing or defrauding, and vicious online bullying campaigns.

"Facebook is still not doing enough to protect its users from cyber-bullying and needs to step up its game," The Sun quoted Clare Ambrosino from Parliament Street, a Britain-based innovative young think-tank, as saying on Sunday.

We have seen plenty of evidence of this sort of behaviour carried out by the trolls mentioned in this website. A decade of the same old crap going on on Facebook tells us that Facebook can't be bothered deal with it.


Internet troll who abused PC Neil Doyle's widow and taunted police staff jailed

Judge Nicholls said: “It’s frightening that in a civilised society people think it is perfectly acceptable to post derogatory remarks and acceptable to cause pain and suffering to people who are completely unknown to them.”

Jailing him for four months, the judge said: “Although there is much in you that can be pitied, it’s right to say you failed to extend such compassion and pity to Mrs Doyle.

“She was a woman who you knew nothing about, other than she had lost a loved one in traumatic circumstances.”


Four months of jail time is not enough.


CASH FOR TRASH Sick Facebook troll groups are offering MONEY to the nastiest bullies...

The latest revelation comes after The Sun Online exposed a trend of sick Facebook groups sharing jokes about topics such as slavery, rape and abortion.

Despite Facebook shutting down a number of the pages – many more have since reappeared as “secret” groups.

“The Bathroom” has 180,490 members and is listed as a “secret” page on the social media site.


It's about time some of these idiots got jailed. The person behind the 'Jamie Card' fake profile would be a good place to start.


Revenge porn offender posted pictures of women he knew on X-rated site with offensive comments about them

Whiting published explicit pictures of an ex-girlfriend and encouraged viewers to rape her because 'she deserves it'.

The restaurant manager also allegedly put pictures of a 15-year-old girl on the site, superimposing them with explicit sexual imagery.

The 36-year-old even posted a picture of his sister taken in her school uniform when she was 16 and asked users of the site how much they would pay to rape her.

Whiting, of Langdale Close, Eastbourne, pleaded guilty to 11 offences of making offensive postings, contrary to Section 127 (1) of the Communications Act 2003.


Oliver Whiting, Eastbourne, perverted troll

The only difference between this troll and Jamie Card is that Card makes sexual comments about women he doesn't know, and children and the disabled too...

The law allows for a sentence that would hurt this chump. Why wasn't it handed down to him?


We couldn't resist posting this...


Facebook conflates 'privacy' with 'selling'. We didn't really expect anything different.


A young Wikipedia editor withstood a decade of online abuse. Now she’s fighting back — on Wikipedia itself.


These two simple paragraphs say pretty much everything you need to know about trolls. The trolls associated with 'Jamie Card' almost always go after women and the disabled. These are people who can't stand the idea that people other than themselves have any right to an on-line life.


Facebook troll who subjected disabled man to ‘tirade’ of online abuse is jailed

Another Facebook troll who likes abusing the disabled is Jamie Card, the woman-hating coward.


The silence of the trolls: Twitter to permanently ban abusers from respawning


This is bad news for serial abuser Nicky Wright, but great for the rest of us who have to put up with his harassment. Good work, Twitter!


WHAT A TWIT Katie Price sick troll is SACKED


This guy got up to the same sick things as hate-poster Jamie Card does on Facebook. We look forward to seeing Card sacked, or better still, jailed.


Facebook refuses to explain why live torture video wasn't removed sooner


Over the years we have seen trolls and bullies attack hundreds of people disabled people on Facebook.

Yet Facebook seems unable to do anything other than give us the same old platitudes: "We take the safety of our customers very seriously..." and "Facebook does not tolerate hate-crime...". Well Facebook, it is getting increasingly obvious that you really don't bother at all. Why not use use some of the $ billions of profit you make to actually do some proper administration of the site?


Arthur Stephenson, 18, took his own life years after he was attacked aged five


Bullying has to be stopped.


There’s no good way to deal with trolls, so you might as well tattle to their moms


Of course, this can only work with the most naive of trolls. Many other more cowardly trolls go to a great deal of trouble hiding their real ID. However, with a fair wind we can still find out exactly who they are and who to complain to about their behaviour.


Family of Tyrone Unsworth, the Brisbane boy who took his own life after bullying, are being trolled


These are sick, sick people. And Facebook allows them to attack grieving families.


Has the internet become a failed state?


"One way of thinking about the net is as a mirror held up to human nature. Some of what appears in the mirror is inspiring and heart-warming. Much of what goes on online is enjoyable, harmless, frivolous, fun. But some of it is truly repellent: social media, in particular, facilitate firestorms of cruelty, racism, hatred and hypocrisy..."

Zuckerberg is a naive idiot. This was bound to happen, because the world contains poisonous idiots like 'Jamie Card' and Zuckerberg has given these scum the perfect vehicle to promote hatred and bullying.


Fake Facebook account targeting girls in Devon


Girls targeted by a fake Facebook account asking for indecent images are being threatened with images being posted publicly if they do not carry out all demands, police say. About 100 young girls have been targeted by the account at a number of schools across south Devon since July. Officers have urged pupils not to accept friend requests from people they do not know. PC Jane Gerrard, from Devon and Cornwall police, added: "It's the vulnerable children who send the photos and are more likely to meet up with these people putting them at great risk."

Facebook makes it super-easy to do this and get away with it. Making a fake Facebook profile is very simple and Facebook makes it hard for police to find out who is behind the fake account. And then, as if that wasn't enough, Facebook pretends that people using the site are using their real names. Facebook sucks.


Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg are investigated by German prosecutors for 'failing to remove racist posts that violate anti-hate speech laws' from Facebook


Facebook is the home of hate postings. Clearly the postings do not violate US laws, but the site should be made to comply with local laws if it wants unrestricted access.


Facebook's New Anti Bullying Tool Promises To Reduce Online Harassment



Facebook is very good at making grand gestures that simply do not stand up in the real world. This looks like yet another attempt to deal with a serious bullying problem on the site by doing nothing of any real value. Facebook suggests they have "...policies that expressly prohibit bullying and harassment, tools that allow people to report content to us and to create a safe space...". However our experience over that last five years has been that Facebook staff routinely ignore any reports made to them about bullying, abuse and harassment. Our feeling it that this is yet another attempt by Facebook to get a headline without doing anything serious about their bullying problem.


Mother targeted by online trolls reveals her six-year ordeal


It's hard to imagine the abuse this poor woman and her daughter have had to deal with day in and day out every single week over the past six years at the hands of these sick trolls. Here's hoping for change.


Internet trolls targeted with new legal guidelines


We'll believe it when we see it. However, our fingers are crossed.


Facebook revenge pornography trial 'could open floodgates'


It's about time Facebook was made to answer for what it facilitates.


Resolution Statement Complaint 02184-16 Brookes v


This story seems to explain why the Jasper Hammil's Mirror stories about Card and his gang of bullies were binned. We can't say we are surprised - certainly the story about the 'Racist Troll' was quite extraordinarily poor.




This is the work of Jamie Card and his gang of bullies. The group is moderated by Graham Jagger using a fake profile. You can find more about Graham HERE.


The trolls have taken the group over and use it to attack innocent Facebook users who believe it is a legitimate Facebook selling page.



As is usual, Facebook ignores reports made to them about the troll page and fail to do anything about the fake troll profiles.


Man (22) posted girls' Facebook photos on porn site, court is told



Vile internet troll stole women's Facebook photos and posted tampered versions on PORN WEBSITES



Internet troll arrested after he 'created six Facebook profiles to taunt former child actor


The Anti-Social Network (You Tube)



Hate Crime Trolls To Be Targeted By Cyber Police Squad (Sky News)



Arrests for offensive Facebook and Twitter posts soar in London (The Independent)



Facebook adds new ad options as people complain that they have been signed up by default


Shhhh! Facebook is listening



Research reveals huge scale of social media misogyny


"Facebook expressed its backing for the campaign but acknowledged that it does not always take down misogynistic comments." A more accurate comment would be "Facebook... almost never takes down misogynistic comments." But that's Facebook for you - very quick to lie through it's teeth, but very slow to take any action.


Facebook Secret Groups Favorite Platform for Paedophiles to Share Images


We have found exactly the same thing as the BBC - Facebook fails to recognise child abuse and fails to act to remove it when is reported to them. Facebook is peado-heaven.


Facebook to sponsor GOP convention despite Zuckerberg's veiled dig at Trump



Insults and rape threats. Writers shouldn’t have to deal with this - Jessica Valenti


Online abuse law shake-up urgently needed, Tory Maria Miller says



Top tech firms urged to step up online abuse fightback


No doubt the task of dealing with hate speech would be easier if Facebook could actually bothered to do something useful against it. But they fail abysmally.


Racist trolls could be banned from social media using "sex offender" powers



Quite possibly references to 'ovens' and 'gold' in relation to Jews would also have been in that list of key words?


Nasty racist trolling is all over Twitter and Facebook.


'Trolls' who create fake profiles face criminal prosecution


18/02/16 "Sweden’s second largest newspaper – Dagens Nyheter – has claimed that Facebook must address concerns about sexist, homophobic and xenophobic content, and that the social media site must actively work to censor comments from users that fall under the broad rubric of “hate speech”." Read more:


14/02/16 Facebook made the news this week after allegations that the site hosts child abuse and peadophile groups. This comes as no suprise to us. Facebook hosts all sorts of illegal content, and fails to act to protect children and Facebook users from the predators who flock to the site using fake information to log into secret groups and pages. You can read more via the BBC story below.

Paedophiles use secret Facebook groups to swap images


We have seen trolls like Jamie Card making the news over the past few years for making 'sexually explicit comments' about the children of Facebook users, and there have been some allegations that the cowardly troll threatens to post images of children into peadophile groups.

According to the BBC Facebook says it removes content that includes "solicitation of sexual material, any sexual content involving minors, threats to share intimate images and offers of sexual services". This is what they always say instead of actually dealing with the problems on their site. 'Saying' is not the same as 'doing', Facebook!

If you believe you have seen child sexual abuse content hosted anywhere in the world, criminally obscene adult content hosted in the UK, or non-photographic child sexual abuse images hosted in the UK on Facebook or anywhere else you should report it to the Internet Watch Foundation who will act on your report.

Internet Watch Foundation report page

11/02/16 - This week saw the rollout of some changes to the reporting options on Facebook. At the moment we are not sure if these changes will be given to all profiles in the coming weeks, or if it is just a test run on a small subset. Needless to say, the actual results of reporting someone using the new options is as useless as the current set of options...



Please feel free to contact us with any verifiable information you might want to share.

Our email contact form is above (click the email icon). Be sure to add a valid return address if you want a reply! We aim to reply within 48 hours. We can also be contacted via our Twitter page.