Frequently Asked Questions

What is about?

Cardfax exists to give anyone who is interested some information about a small group of social media trolls centered around the troll known as 'Jamie Card'.

Who is 'Jamie Card'?

Check the main pages for the information we have on this cowardly troll.

What is a 'Troll'?

Back in the late 1980s, just as the World Wide Web as we know it now was beginning to form, the name 'Troll' was used to describe those people who engaged in certain behaviours - posting inflammatory or off-topic comments into chat rooms for example, in order to provoke others and make normal on-line relationships and communication impossible. The name was used because the mythological troll of Scandinavian folklore is said to be an ugly, dirty, angry creature with no friends. But language changes, and things move on, and the term 'Trolling' is now used to describe a wide range of negative behaviour carried out by (normally) anonymous on-line users, who engage in such activites as posting porn, racism and misogyny and other hate speech into social media; to harassing and making threats against others; all the way up to 'swatting' - the reporting of a innocent person's address to the police in a way that may, at worst, provoke an armed response.

Why do they do this stupid stuff?

In any society there will be people with a full set of human skills, and there will be small percentage of them who lack some useful skill or another. Trolls are a 'normal', if tiresome, part of humanity who struggle with empathy and many other important social skills. But that doesn't mean they get a free pass. In the same way that Seals can be trained to balance a ball, trolls can be trained to at least try to get on with the rest of us. Fines, community service and jail are said to work. Punishment doesn't give them any more skills for sure, but it does help them understand that their behaviour needs modification, and that gives them the motivation to try to learn how to be fully functioning human being. We firmly believe that with help, even the most damaged troll can become whole.

Who are you?

We are a group of individuals who have become very tired of watching idiots like 'Jamie Card' and his gang of half-wits get away with harassing and abusing innocent people - 'trolling', for their own amusement.

What do you do?

We use fake social media profiles to get into troll groups and pages and use the information we gather to expose the hidden real identities of the trolls, then we share the information we have gathered to the public. If we are able to, we warn other social media users that trolls are in their groups/pages/friendlists and we attempt to remove them by any means at our disposal if the opportunity to do so arises.

Doesn't using fake ID make you as bad as the trolls?

No, it doesn't. Our advice to anyone using social media would be to always use a false ID. Facebook and Twitter are full of idiots who want to attack you and your friends if they can and a fake ID makes you safer from them. Using a fake ID on Facebook is not a crime, although the very tedious and naive Mark Zuckerberg would have you think it is. However, using Facebook to abuse and harass others can often become a matter for the courts. And that's the real difference beween us and them.

We have seen the trolls posting images of who they say is you attacking others.

What you have seen are usually screenshots of profiles using the names and profile images we have used, and names and profiles with which we have no connection at all, which the trolls want you to believe are actually us. It's part of the troll repertoire of mis-direction and falsehoods. For the trolls it is important that you believe that we are no better than them, because this undermines any effort on our part to document what the trolls are doing. So they create 'clone' accounts, which look like other people, to troll from - it's very easy to do; Facebook makes it easy. In other cases they use screenshots of parts of on-line exchanges from different places and different times patched together to create a new context for a dialogue they suggest really happened when in fact, it really didn't. And in other cases they just make something up and say it is us.

You could be doing what you have just described, couldn't you?

Yes, logically we could be. But we are not. And the only way you can make that judgement is to look at the evidence from here, and from media-reported past instances of trolling and make you own mind up. We are confident that you will see things as they really are.

But posting personal information about others is trolling, isn't it?

In our opinion, with these individuals, we would say no. Some trolls will suggest that, by releasing personal details of some otherwise anonymous Facebook users is engaged in attacking those people. We reject this claim on the basis that all the individuals mentioned on this page have been shown to be engaged in attacks on others using social media and we have every right to document and report on what they have been doing. As far as we are concerned, through their actions, they have given up their right to remain anonymous. However, we do believe that those who are not attacking and harassing others have every right to keep their identity to themselves. We have no problem with anonymity per se, or those who wish to remain anonymous - we just have a problem with cowardly trolls using their anonymity as a shield from behind which they attack others, while trying to skip responsibility for their actions.

In any case, the information we have posted here is already publicly known - posted into Facebook by the trolls themselves for a limited audience of other trolls. All we have done is to gather it into one place and made it easier to find.

The trolls say you have the wrong people named as being behind the troll accounts you have listed.

Well, they would say that, wouldn't they? We are quite comfortable with the trolls being unhappy about being named. We are 100% sure that all the names on this site have a history of being involved in, or are involved in some quite nasty trolling. Our sole interest is in those, like Jamie Card, who break UK law by posting hate speech directed at minorities and women, and who harass and/or threaten others 'for the LOLs'. Generally, we are not interested in people arguing, making offensive comments and calling each other names. We look for a number of different things before we add a name to CardFax:

We need to see a HISTORY of that profile attacking more than one other social media user, or attacking a group of people; we need to see that profile creating MORE THAN ONE alternative FAKE PROFILE; we need to see that profile being a member of a small number of specific known TROLL GROUPS, where other trolls gather; we need to see a RELATIONSHIP between that profile and the troll known as Jamie Card; and finally, we need to see a history of that profile posting PORN, HATE SPEECH, RACISM, THREATS, MISOGYNY etc. and/or HARASSING OTHERS on social media sites.

All the names we mention on CardFax have been seen to be doing the above. We make no apology for naming them.

Why don't you just log off if you don't like having your feelings hurt?

The trolls often suggest that we are too thin-skinned to use the internet. But being at the receiving end of bullying, threats and harassment is not the same as 'having one's feelings hurt'. This isn't about anyone's 'feelings being hurt'. It is about criminality and gangs of cowards using social media to attack others for sport.

The suggestion that victims should 'log off' is unreasonable. We live in a world where many of our normal day-to-day activities are carried out on-line. Asking the victims of cyber-crime to log off if they don't like being attacked is pretty much the same as telling someone who got mugged for their phone that the next time they go out, they should leave their phone at home. It simply fails to address the real problem - trolls and muggers.

By giving them attention, you are making things worse, surely?

We don't think so. The suggestion that ignoring trolls is the best way to deal with them is simplistic nonsense. In our experience, ignoring trolls either results in them increasing thier efforts to attack you, or results in them moving on to attack others. Ignoring trolls is useless as a means to prevent trolling or to keep you or your family and friends safe from attack. True story: I had a friend once who tried to ignore a mugger with a knife who wanted his phone and his wallet. Guess what happened..?

The thing is, you cannot, and shouldn't even try to ignore criminality. As soon as you do that, every idiot out there will run riot because there won't be anything to stop them.

What about free speech?

We very much support free speech, which is the freedom to express opinion without censorship or restraint. All of us - men, women, the disabled, ethnic minorities and other groups - we all have the right to free speech. But what we see, day after day, is the trolls acting to reduce the free speech of others they object to by attacking them, effectively attempting to silence them as their free speech is drowned out under a tirade of abuse and threats. Our belief is that it is perfectly acceptable, even necessary, to curtail the free speech of those who use their speech to spread hate, or to incite violence, or to harass others, or to prevent others from exercising their right to free speech - and UK law agrees with us about this.

We simply do not accept that anyone has the right to attack others under the banner of free speech. You may not agree. But if that is the case, please know that we really don't care what you think.

Surely this is a matter for the police?

We would agree with you. However, the police seem to have little idea about how to tackle this problem, which is already far bigger than the resources they have to deal with it. Investigating on-line offences is expensive and time-consuming. The truth is simple: Unless you are very lucky, you are unlikely to get much help from law enforcment even if clear crimes have been committed.

What about Facebook or Twitter? Shouldn't they be doing something about this?

Again, we would agree with you. However, despite the size of the company, Facebook is run by amateurs and naive fools like Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook has zero interest in doing anything about this problem because (a) every new user, fake or not, adds to Facebook's income, and (b) they have no idea how to stop the trolls invading the site anyway, and (c), even if they did, they quite likely wouldn't. Facebook is a company which bans any depiction of a woman breast-feeding a baby, but has no problem with users posting horrible images of violence against women with hate-filled messages attached. Facebook tolerates the trolls because they don't see any problem with users posting comments which celebrate violence against women. In essence, Facebook has an attitude problem and a wierd moral compass. This is a company which utterly fails to deal with abuse and hatred.

Twitter is at least attempting to deal with the issue, but with little success so far.

'Pixels' - what are they?

In the real world, pixels are the tiny coloured dots that make up an image on a screen - but there is another meaning. Some of the most damaged trolls, who quite often struggle to form sensible relationships with people right in front of them, find relating to others via the medium of the internet almost impossible except in the most shallow of ways. This difficulty is shown quite literally in the use by the trolls of the term 'pixels' to describe other social media users. For these trolls none of us are 'real' in any sense they can truly understand - we're just pixels, and therefore are not worthy of any care or concern. As far as they are concerned, attacking someone online is not a real attack on a real person with real feelings and a life beyond the internet. Psychiatry uses the term 'sociopath' to describe this type of personality.

A 'Catfish' - what is that?

Generally, in internet use, a 'catfish' is someone who uses a fake identity to make themselves look much more attractive than they are in real life. Catfish accounts are used to trick others into opening up and disclosing information they would normally keep to themselves, or to make a deceptive relationship with a hidden purpose, such as obtaining money. A catfish can be a male posing as a more attractive male or a female, or a female posing as a more attactive female or a male. The bottom line is that quite often you have no real idea who you are talking to online, so you need to be very careful. Facebook is crawling with catfish accounts because, regardless of what Mark Zuckerberg suggests, no Facebook profile is properly verified. Most of the trolls we talk about on this site use catfish accounts because ugly trolls. Facebook is reported to be using a software tool to weed out and delete catfish accounts. It doesn't work.

What is 'RIP trolling'?

Some of the sicker trolls we are tracking look for instances where a social media user has died, and they use the opportunity to attack the relatives and friends of the dead person by making cruel and unpleasant comments about the deceased or the manner of their death. It is important to recognise that the targets of RIP trolling are the surviving relatives and friends of the deceased, and not (as the trolls like to suggest) the deceased themselves. It's cruel and heartless and attacks people when they are at their most vulnerable. Facebook, more often than not, ignores RIP trolling.

'White knighting'... What is that?

The trolls don't like it when others try to help those they are attacking, even though it is perfectly reasonable thing to do. This effort to help others, women most often (but not always), is what the trolls describe as 'white knighting'. The rest of us call it 'being a good human being'.

'Support tagging'... What is that?

You will see this on Facebook when a troll thinks they need some support from their troll mates. They will 'tag' other trolls into the conversation so that the person being targeted has to deal with more than one attacker at the same time. Troll 'Jamie Card' does this all the time, because he is a coward.

What is a 'snowflake'?

The trolls suggest that the easily offended and those unable to deal with opposing opinions are 'snowflakes' - too fragile to exist for long in the real world. However, they fail to mention that those people targeted by the trolls often have to deal with a barrage of threats, intimidation and harassment over many years without melting under the heat, making them some of the most determined and bravest of all the people you will ever meet.

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