What is this site about?

Facebook is full of trolls. They are everywhere. If you haven't seen one yet, or not been the victim of one, you have been pretty lucky. The trolls use Facebook as their personal playground, using other Facebook users as targets for their idiocy and harassment. Facebook seems unwilling, or is unable to act against them.

The purpose of this page is to bring their faces into the light - some of them at least. If there is one thing the trolls dislike, it is having their real indentities out in the open for everyone to see. Since Facebook (eventually) destroys all evidence of trolling and harassment on their site, we can also use this site to show you how you might be able to keep yourself safe from them, which profiles to avoid and examples of what is happening. It is not a pretty sight.

You can find out more about the trolls and their self-proclaimed leader Jamie Card by visiting any of the links on this page. Our FAQ page can be seen here.


Jamie Card

Information about harassing troll and internet coward 'Jamie Card'

Troll Cop Lee Rimell

Information about police troll Lee Rimell

Nicky Wright

Information about Romford troll Nicky Wright

More Trolls

An ever-growing list of links to information about other Facebook/Twitter trolls

Facebook Troll Meeting Places

Where to find Facebook trolls

FB Privacy Settings

How to make yourself safer from Trolls on Facebook

Facebook News

News and views from across the internet

Attack Of The Trolls

Examples of trolls attacking Facebook users and groups

Facebook Fails

How Facebook manages to get even the basics completely wrong

Troll Bigots

Racists, homophobes, misogynists and other Facebook bigots

More Facebook Troll Groups

Links to other Facebook groups adminned by trolls and bullies

Attack Of The Stupids

You really said that...? Really?


Please feel free to contact us with any verifiable information you might want to share.

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